What do we recommend?

A career opportunity, a pleasant workplace atmosphere, challenging tasks – all these with a high level of quality and reliability.


We believe that it's important for our future and present colleagues to perceive their work as being ripe with perspective, variety and opportunity. In order to achieve this, we employ our internal training system to make the knowledge available in Egis accessible and provide the opportunity for continuous development. In addition to creating an opportunity for classic career advancement (hierarchic path), we also make horizontal professional development possible.



We spend a significant part of our days at our workplace with our colleagues. How we do so really matters. This is why it's important to have a good atmosphere, an inspiring environment and safe conditions.​


We also organize family days and extracurricular Egis programs to establish and nurture friendly relationships between colleagues.​


At Egis, we recognize the power of a challenge. We seek and offer tasks such as this day after day. Ambitious people get ahead at our company. Less ambitious ones can stay in their place. The aim is satisfaction and commitment for all workers.​


At Egis, quality comes first. This is true of our products, services, and workflows. We achieve this on our production lines with continuous investments and enhancements. The products manufactured here are sold exclusively by colleagues that are qualified physicians or pharmacists.​

We also expect quality during work. This is true for each of us in our respective fields, tasks, and personal responsibility. This is the Egis guarantee.​

We provide our colleagues with a predictable and reliable remuneration and benefits package that can be used for long term planning. The cafeteria system called E-PLUS, a part of our benefits package, has been awarded the prize "Cafeteria System of the Year" in both 2011 and 2013. Further elements of the benefit package include the​ 13th month salary​ and interest free mortgage subsidy.​

For our employees with little children, we provide places in nurseries and kindergartens supported by the Company during the day. We support our health with medical examinations and screenings which are free of charge.​

Providing for rest and relaxation is an important component of our benefit package. Company resorts are made available to all of our staff (Zamárdi, Csopak, Agárd).​


We provide our colleagues with a predictable and reliable remuneration and benefits package that can be used for long term planning.